Firstly may we welcome you to the official #twitterVforce website -

As you have made the decision to visit it just shows that you have a passion, like ourselves for the Historic range of RAF Bombers (Vickers Valiant, Handley Page Victor & Avro Vulcan) that were initially designed to carry the UK's Nuclear deterrent and were at the leading edge of British aircraft design.

Whether you enjoy the history of the Cold War, the story of the daring 'Black Buck' raids during the Falklands Conflict or have been awe struck by the majestic return to flight of Avro Vulcan B.Mk2 XH558 we are sure that you will enjoy this site and once seen, we know that you will return.

Here are some of the V-Force preservation that #twitterVforce aims to help to promote & raise awareness of:

The decision to commence on this journey started some time ago now with the hashtag #twitterVforce that I added to one of my many Vulcan related tweets, commenting on the increasing V-Force presence on Twitter. Since that one single tweet things have gone from strength to strength with additional tags like #VulcanFriday & #VForceHQ adding to the #twitterVforce phenomenon.

Back in 2012 I made the 3rd of my Cold War Road Trips with a visit to Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield where I met a fellow #twitterVforce supporter and took part in a tour beneath the Delta Wings and inside the Crew Compartment of Vulcan B.Mk2 XM655. During this incredible experience some ideas for the future were mulled and batted around. This website is one of the results from that road trip and I am forever indebted to Dave Taylor (Twitter: @XM655 & @DaveVForce) for his tireless work on the design, code work and other behind the scenes noodlings that have made this web-home for #twitterVforce a reality.

As you may have noticed the site contains a summary of twitterfeeds from all of the V-Force preservation projects with the 3 founder members thrown in for good measures as well as the official #twitterVforce account @VForceHQ. This official #twitterVforce account contains links to preservation sites, stories, loads of V-Force pictures, events, blog updates and whatever else 'takes our fancy'!

Followers of the #twitterVforce are amongst the most loyal band of enthusiasts that I know and from this the official #twitterVforce blog was launched. We have so far published blogs by Volunteer's for the VTTSC, an exclusive interview blog with members of VTTST the purveyors of Avro Vulcan XH558, blogs by our dedicated followers, Cold War Road Trips and many many more. If you fancy contributing just get in touch. Visit:

Sometimes though 140 characters just is not enough, so from this we have launched a #twitterVforce forum, where you will find loads of V-Force chat including Work Diaries from HP Victor XL231, areas for ex V-Force crew members, suggestions for 'meet n' tweet' days amongst many others. You can sign up for the forum here:

Technology moves really quick and we have a Periscope account for live streaming footage from the many events that we go to (search for #twitterVforce) and a very active Instagram account, where by adding the #twitterVforce tag to your Instagram V Force pictures they will automatically upload onto our website & to top if off we have a You Tube account containing videos that we have compiled over the 1st few years, again just search our hash tag.

I would like to say a big #twitterVforce thank you to all of the V-Force groups & societies (Vulcan XH558, Vulcan XM655, Vulcan XL426 & Victor XL231), who have embraced the values and aims of the preservation and the people behind them who continue to keep the beautiful ladies in 'FLYING/LIVE' working condition.

Ultimately, #twitterVforce aims to help promote & raise awareness of the preservation of the remaining operational V-Force so that they may continue to thrill the crowds, educate & inspire the wider audience & future generations.

Contact Us:

If you would like to contribute by writing a 'guest blog' for inclusion on the site, or for requests to publicise V-Force related matters you can contact #twitterVforce by email at: or via the official #twitterVforce Twitter account: @VForceHQ. For web & techincal aspects you can contact Dave via email at: