An historical milestone for #twitterVforce

 Sunday 25th September 2013 will go down as an historical moment for Myself, Dave T, AvGeekette and all of our many many dedicated followers of #twitterVforce.

We also have the pleasure of passionate people like ourselves who do not ‘do’ Social Media that keep up to date with our aims, goals and achievements via our website alone whom may not have seen the events of the day. 

This blog acts to serve as a little momento.



It was the final sortie of a very busy 3 day flying/displaying weekend for Avro Vulcan B.Mk2 XH558 with displays at Dunsfold, CarFest South and Little Gransden.

Tweets and pictures were coming into #VForceHQ at a rapid pace by followers lucky enough to be under her chosen route for the day.

Following on from her final display at Little Gransden, tweets from the official Vulcan XH558 ‘live’ twitter feed – @XH558 – for her homeward bound journey commenced and then something very special occurred.

@XH558 announced that her ETA back at Robin Hood was 16:20………………………

The next tweet was something a bit different.

Here it is:



Hello to everyone following on Twitter who watch the #twitterVforce Thanks for all your support in spreading the word.



I would like to dedicate that tweet to the other members of the #tVf team, the V Force Preservation Groups, and most importantly our followers for your passion, dedication and continued support for the little thing that we love doing………

 Promoting V Force Preservation & Events




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