OPERATION MUGSHOT …. The 2014 Victor XL231 Competition

****** BREAKING NEWS ******

We are very pleased to announce that the judge for the #twitterVforce/Lusty Lindy OPERATION MUGSHOT competition will be, as previously mentioned, a V Force Veteran.

However, not just a V Force Veteran but also a Veteran of the Black Buck Missions during the Falklands Conflict in 1982.

Folks, we are honoured that ……

Squadron Ldr Bob TUXFORD AFC (Rtd)

 will be selecting one of your submitted pictures to feature on the 2014 Lusty Lindy Mug

Bob flew in many of the now famed Black Buck missions during the Falklands War and was awarded the Air Force Cross for his actions as Captain of Handley Page Victor K2 XL189 during the infamous Black Buck 1 bombing mission.

Squadron Leader Bob Tuxford AFC (RAF Rtd.)

Far Left: Squadron Leader Bob Tuxford AFC (RAF Rtd.)


The wait is finally over, the latest #twitterVforce competition is upon us.

Now this truly has been born out of the world of twitter as this was all suggested on the Social Media platform without our knowledge from the very start. I was perusing my timeline late one afternoon and noticed that our #tag had been included in a conversation along the lines of ……

“Perhaps the #twitterVforce team can help us out”

Reading back along the string, it started to transpire that Andre Tempest (Owner of Victor XL231 aka Lusty Lindy) is after a new design for his mugs that he sells to raise funds for Lindy, and along with a few other tweeters had come to the conclusion that we could help out.

“Hey Dave, what do you reckon, could we do this?”

“Yes indeedy, let’s get going”

Lots of electronic wizardry starts to fly all over the place and we have a plan.

The next quandary was how we were going to judge the images. A few ideas had been put into the melting pot but then Andre stepped in with an idea and passed it over to us to see whether we would ‘possibly’ consider it.

When I saw the suggested name I knew the answer straight away, but as we do things by the book here at #twitterVforce I duly passed on the suggestion to Dave, and the answer was an overwhelming ‘GO FOR IT’

We wont let on just yet who will be judging but lets just say that it will be a V Force Veteran!

Right then, what’s it all about? Where do you fit in……………

What we need are your photographs of Handley Page Victor XL231 Lusty Lindy, whether recent, when she 1st arrived at Elvington or even during her service years. Simple.

 Now comes the part one of the competition……. You will need to be your own judge as you can only send in 2 images, so prepare to be harsh on yourself.

Why not throw a party and your invited guests can choose there favourites. A kind of ‘V Factor’ 

Part 2 of the competition now starts…….

When you have selected your 2 images you need to send them to us via our ‘Mug Shot’ competition submission page at: mugshot.twittervforce.com  You will have the option  to upload your two chosen best images, plus a few personal details so we can get in touch if you win!

Closing date for image submission will be FRIDAY 18th APRIL 2014 so this gives you loads of time to select your best pictures, it will also give those people who do not have any the chance to get up to Elvington and take some.

The winning image will be used for the NEW design for the XL231 Lusty Lindy mug & as the winner, you will be invited up to Elvington to meet Andre, Team Victor & Lindy for a full tour and to receive your prize, that being your very own Victor XL231 mug (and to claim your bragging rights).

 Good luck & may the best picture win

Rod & Dave

The small print:

  1. All images submitted (unless requested by the owner), may be published on the #twitterVforce/XL231blogspot and may be created into a You Tube video & used on other platforms.
  2.  Please do not try and send in pictures that you have got from the internet, we do have the ways and means to find out the origins of the pictures
  3. #twitterVforce will not pass on/sell any email addresses to other parties
  4. By submitting your images you confirm that you are the copyright owner and that you grant unconditional permission for the images to be published for merchandise & promotional purposes, free from royalties.



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