Operation Mugshot – The Winner


The result of the Handley Page Victor XL231 ‘Lusty Lindy’ Mugshot 2014 has landed back at #VForceHQ

Firstly we here would like to say a big thank you to all of the people who submitted their pictures for inclusion, there are certainly some very talented people out there.

So far, only 4 people have seen all of the images, them being myself, Dave, Andre Tempest and of course our judge Squadron Leader Bob Tuxford (Rtd). Out of these 4 only myself & Dave knew who had submitted which pictures.

Whilst i’m at it, we here at #twitterVforce would like to say a big ‘CHEERS’ to both Bob Tuxford for kindly agreeing to be our judge (seeing all of the entries it could not have been an easy decision) and of course Andre Tempest for starting this whole ‘Mugshot’ idea off (and keeping Lindy in ‘Better than when in service’ condition).

All of the entries will be made into a You Tube video in the very near future, so you will all be able to see for yourself the very high standard.

O.K then

******DRUM ROLL******

The Winner is …………………….










Siobhan BRENNAN  (@SiobhanBren)

Many congratulations Siobhan, and very soon you will see your image in its final form.

Here is the winning picture folks………..


“Hey guy’s, Where will I be able to get my hands one of those marvellous mugs?”

As soon as the Official Victor XL231 Mug becomes available, details on how to purchase one will be posted onto the Lusty Lindy website & remember that you will be helping to keep Lindy in Tip Top condition


Also no doubt there will be the usual frenzy of activity on Twitter so make sure that you are following @victorxl231 & @VForceHQ

As for Siobhan, she’ll be heading up to Elvington to get up close & personal with Lindy for a ‘Full Works’ tour at the invitation of Andre Tempest culminating in being presented with her very own ‘231 Mug’

Thanks for all your continued support as always

Rod & Dave






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