Battle HQ RAF Chilbolton

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Battle HQ RAF Chilbolton

Postby Richard Hall » Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:51 pm

Recently I have located the BHQ at this former Battle Of Britain Airfield. Chilbolton was active throughout the war and into the 1950's. The film The Sound Barrier was shot at the airfield. It was also used by Folland and Supermarine who test flew aircraft such as the Gnat, Attacker and Swift from the field.

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Re: Battle HQ RAF Chilbolton

Postby Dave Taylor » Sat May 31, 2014 9:04 pm

Great find Rich!

I do love seeking out old airfield infastructure, there's plenty out there to be discovered! The Airfield Information Exchange is a great place to find stuff too.

RAF Bitteswell Battle HQ is some distance away, hidden amongst some light woodland to the west. Plus the BHQ at exRAF Baginton, now Coventry Airport is to the north of the perimeter forming a mound and passed by a public footpath. Often wondered how many people pass right by it walking their dogs and have never noticed it!

The one that intrigues me is the ROC post at Bitteswell. It was locked up when the ROC were disbanded at the end of the cold war with it's contents all still intact. The main bod went around all the posts with a van to empty them but when it got to Bitteswell he found he'd got the wrong key. Rather than go and fetch the correct key apparently he said sod it and never went back! Subsequently with the ongoing development of Bitteswell into the hell that is Magna Park Distribution Centre a bulldozer just shaved off the hatch and vent structures then BT quickly laid a layer of concrete over that bit of land for a telephone exchange. So down there is a relatively intact ROC post left as a time capsule but completely inaccessible. There are photos on t'interweb of how it looked shortly before it was sealed by the ROC for the last time.

Anyway, could ramble on for hours! Thanks for sharing, any more interesting discoveries I'd love to see them!

Cheers Rich
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